CitizenShipper Driver Referral Rewards

Get $100, Give $110

We’re all about growing our vibrant community of drivers. Refer your friends and share the exciting, life-changing opportunity of driving for CitizenShipper. 

Here’s how you’ll earn

  1. Get $55 cash for every driver you refer.
  2. $15 when referred drivers complete their first shipment.
  3. $40 when referred drivers complete their fifth shipment. 

Here’s how your friends will earn

  1. They’ll earn $10 in site credit for their first bid.
  2. $25 for their first completed shipment. 
  3. $75 for their fifth completed shipment. 

Have more questions?

We're always here to help! Reach out to us with any questions, and we’ll provide fast one-on-one assistance.
Please check out our Driver Referral Program Terms and Conditions for details about the program.

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